Scarlet Aristocracy

Emerald Nightmare
Xavius Cenarius
Cenarius Elerethe Renferal
Elerethe Renferal Il'gynoth
Il'gynoth Ursoc
Ursoc Dragons of Nightmare
Dragons of Nightmare Nythendra
Nythendra Hellfire Citadel
Pictures exist and will be posted eventually. Sorry.
Tyrant Velhari
Fel Lord Zakuun
Socrethar the Eternal
Shadow-Lord Iskar
Kilrogg Deadeye
Hellfire High Council
Iron Reaver
Hellfire Assault

Blackrock Foundry
Blackhand Iron Maidens
Iron Maidens Operator Thogar
Thogar Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace Kromog
Kromog Beastlord Darmac
Beastlord Darmac Flamebender Ka'graz
Flamebender Ka'graz Hans'gar and Franzok
Hans'gar and Franzok Oregorger
Someone get him an antacid. Oregorger Gruul
Gruul Highmaul
Imperator Mar'gok
Imperator Kor'agh
Gesundheit! Ko'ragh Twin Ogron
Twin Ogron Brackenspore
Brackenspore Tectus
Tectus The Butcher
The Butcher Kargath Bladefist
Kargath Bladefist Siege of Orgrimmar
Mythic Garrosh
Mythic Garrosh Hellscream Garrosh Hellscream
Garrosh Hellscream Paragons of the Klaxxi
Paragons of the Klaxxi Thok
Thok Malkorok
Malkorok General Nazgrim
General Nazgrim Kor'kron Dark Shaman
Dark Shaman Iron Juggernaut
Iron Juggernaut Galakras
Galakras Sha of Pride
Well, his empty room. He was in the kitchen eating humble pie. Sha of Pride Norushen
Norushen The Fallen Protectors
They've fallen, and they can't get up... The Fallen Protectors Immerseus
Immerseus Throne of Thunder
Twin Consorts
Two Chicks Together? We learned that in BC Twin Consorts Iron Qon
Soooo many hounds! Iron Qon Dark Animus
Stopping Bad Robots like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner Dark Animus Primordius
Primordius Durmu
An Eye for an Eye Durumu Megaera
Megaera Tortos
Rock Lobs... Tortoise Tortos Council of Elders
Council of Elders Horridon
Horridon Jin'rokh
We will, we will Jin'rohk you Jin'Rokh Mists of Pandaria
Sha of Fear
Sha, right! Sha of Fear Lei Shi
Shhh, the boss is hiding Lei Shi Happy Dragon
Tsulong Amber-Shaper Un'sok
Amber-Shaper Un'sok Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Wind Lord Mel'jarak Garalon
Garalon Will of the Emperors
Will of the Emperors Elegon
Why does it have to be snakes? What do you mean that was a dragon?!? Elegon Gara'jal
Trolls are smart enough to skip the front half of the instance, why were't we? Gara'jal Feng
Feng Stone Guard
Stone Guard 10 Player Heroic Rags
Ragnaros 25 Player Raid Kills

Warmaster Blackhorn 1/3/12 Warmaster Blackhorn Ultraxion 12/15/11 Ultraxion Hagara and Warlord Zon'ozz 11/30/11 Hagara Warlord Zon'ozz Congratulations, Shafrog!
Shafrog By Fibre be purged!
Ragnaros Majordomo Staghelm Season tickets. We're gonna pass, any time we want.
Baleroc Rock on, lavaman.
Lord Rhyolithn Down came the raid and washed the spider out.
Beth'tilac Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minion: Slain
Heroic Maloriak He should have stuck to fighting himself, not us.
Heroic Chimaeron Snaaaaaake, it's a snaaaaaake!
Heroic Magmaw What do you mean we can't loot the head?
Nefarian Twenty-five heads are better than two.
Cho'Gall Woulda fed him Finkle if we could...
Chimaeron Yes, there are only 20 people in the shot. No, 5 people did not leave early.
Flu season sucks.
Atramedes Maloriak's loot? Must find out! For Science!
Maloriak A Worm that big should catch a Big Fish!